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Tape-In Remover Easy to Use

Intended for use with the Bohyme ® Tape Ins, Bohyme's Adhesive Release is an alcohol based, fast-acting, cleanser for all adhesive hair systems. Breakdown of adhesive will begin within a few minutes without damaging the hair and scalp. Residue-free and gentle on the skin.
  • Alcohol based, fast-acting remover for all adhesive hair systems
  • Within minutes, this remover breaks down adhesive without damaging your hair or scalp
  • Residue-free and gentle on the skin
  • Weight: 4oz (118ml)
  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Medical Grade Dimethylcarbinol, Propylene Glycol, FD&C B1

Directions: Spray Adhesive Release on tape bonds and massage tape strips gently. Breakdown will begin in a matter of minutes. The release time will depend on prior adhesive build-up. Remove residue and clarify if needed. Avoid direct skin contact.


All hair extensions sold by Simply Hair Co consist of remy human hair and should be gently untangled using a loop brush or a medium hard bristle brush.

Brush your hair in the morning, when needed during the day, and most importantly before going to bed. Always brush your hair in sections. Start Brushing from the ends of the hair and work yourself up to the scalp area.

When going to bed, long hair extensions should be braided into one or two big loose braids. The purpose is to prevent tangling, damage to the attachment, and traction of your own hair where the extensions are attached.

A tip that is very healthy for both hair extensions and your own hair is to use a pillowcase made of silk or satin. It is less damaging and helps retain moisture in your hair much more than materials like cotton.



Our recommendation | Bohyme Remi Revitalize hair care set available here



Brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing and conditioning using a bristle brush, a loop brush, or a soft rounded wide tooth comb.

First, wet the hair with water. Apply shampoo by emulsifying the shampoo in your hands, dab and gently distribute throughout the hair. Do not rub where the hair extensions are attached – be gentle.

When rinsing out the shampoo, let the water run through your hair from a top down position. Lift you hair up a little where the attachments are to help the shampoo rinse out. Take your time with this.

Once the shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly, use conditioner from about 2”/5cm down from the attachment going through to the ends of the extensions. Use a wide tooth comb with soft rounded teeth. Comb your hair to distribute the conditioner through your hair. To rinse out the conditioner, the water should run through the hair again without any friction.

Avoid applying conditioner to the areas where the hair extensions are attached, as this may loosen the attachment and could make them slide. Conditioner applied onto the tip or weft of the extensions might cause them to soften and could make the hair start shedding.



It is recommended to shampoo your hair extensions two to three times a week in the morning or during the day. If you need to shampoo in the evening, make absolutely certain that your hair is fully dry throughout the hair extensions before going to sleep. Check to see that the hair is dry around the attachments.

Natural oils that are part of your body’s own chemistry and styling products like common over the counter shampoos and conditioners can build up and dry out your hair. These are meant for the instant gratification of creating shiny or bouncy hair, but will often contain harsh agents and other content that will tangle and matte your hair extensions. It will strip your natural hair of all the good healthy natural minerals and oils.



We have received many questions about dry shampoo – think about what ‘Dry Shampoo’ is supposed to do – absorb the oil on your scalp and hair! The natural oil on your hair extensions will unfortunately also be absorbed and this can cause the hair extensions to dry out, which can cause frizz and breakage. Though it is an efficient way to make your hair look fresh, unfortunately we can not recommend the use of dry shampoo.

It’s actually confusing that it is named shampoo since it’s not cleaning your hair, but instead it absorbs or ‘capsules’ in the oils on your hair and scalp. The powder will stay on your scalp and in your hair until you shampoo it using a wet Shampoo.

Shampooing your hair and scalp using a wet shampoo is what removes debris, dead skin cells, body oil and dirt, such as dust and pollutants from the surrounding environment. We are aware that shampooing & conditioning, drying, and styling take a lot of time. A time saving suggestion is to only shampoo your own hair on the top from extensions and up.



We recommend using the Bohyme Microfiber Towel available here

Microfiber towels are friction free and will not be harsh on your hair as other towels. They will actually make your hair smoother. These towels are great to use for the rest of your body too.

When towel drying, gently squeeze out excess water and blot with the Microfiber towel. If needed you can wrap the towel around your head, but do not rub or turn your head upside down to roll your hair in the towel.



Excessive use of styling products and high heat should be avoided. These are elements that will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions, and are not good for your own natural hair either. Heat can soften the attachment, make your extensions slide, and can damage the weft, tips, or PU on your skin wefts. Always use heat tools on a medium-low to low setting.

When drying your hair with a blow dryer, setting should be on medium to low heat, avoid any damage by being careful and stay away from the attachments of your hair extensions. First, comb your hair thoroughly with a loop or bristle brush, always starting from below. Lift hair carefully and blow dry from a top-down direction.



When blow drying wavy or curly hair, you can use a diffuser. While your hair is wet, finger through your hair or comb it thoroughly with a loop or bristle brush. Then squeeze your hair using a microfiber towel to create the curls. Using a microfiber towel will also make your curls smooth.

Use the diffuser – the setting should be on medium to low heat. Pick up the hair starting from the ends, keeping the hair inside the diffuser. You can move the diffuser upwards picking up more of your hair as long as you hold it in a diagonal direction. If you need curls further up, angle the diffuser direction toward your head avoiding heat onto the attachments of your hair extensions.



Yes, you can, but invest in irons of better quality this will extend the lifespan of your hair.

Heat will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions and are not healthy for your natural hair. Heat can also soften the attachment and make your extensions slide, and can damage the weft, tips, or PU on the skin weft. Always use heat tools, such as flat and curling irons on a medium-low to low setting and stay about 2”/5cm below from where your extensions are attached.



Avoid products containing:

  • Moroccan Oil
  • Alcohol
  • Sulfates and Parabens
  • Dry Shampoo



Yes. Summer, beach, sand, and swimming pools may turn on our big happy smiles! Consequently, our hair extensions may not be happy if not properly protected.

Sun, ocean water, sand, and chlorine from swimming pools can result in hair tangling and matting. They can also strip the hair color from your extensions or change them to colors you barely knew existed! Sand can find its way into the attachments of your hair extensions and start loosening them. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that you can do.


If you swim regularly, we highly recommend wearing a swim cap to protect your hair. Before swimming always wet the hair with clean water and add conditioner to the extension hair 2”/5cm down from the attachment to the ends of hair, then braid it and put on the swim cap.

If you forgot to bring a swim cap, at a minimum wet your hair, apply the conditioner, and braid it or clip it up. Try to keep your hair above water.

Wetting your hair with clean water and applying conditioner will provide some protection by creating a barrier against the harsh chemicals or ocean water. Also, it will keep your hair from soaking up the sunscreen or other Lotion from your face and body.

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible after you finish swimming.

Sun & Beach

Use a hat or bandana to cover up your hair when you're out in the sun. This will prevent the sun from drying out your hair and fading the color, and also the sand from penetrating into the attachments of your extensions.

Spa & Sauna

During spa or sauna visits, brush your hair out completely. Braid and wrap your hair in a cold damp microfiber towel.

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