Highlights - Layered - Mixed Blends

Highlights (H)

Dramatically lift, brighten, and add dimension throughout all of your hair. It is effective on every hair color and can be as warm or cool as you like.

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Layered Highlights (D)

Due to the side by side construction of machine tied hair extensions, highlights are slightly more blended, but are very similar.

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Mixed Blends (M)

Bohyme's mixed blends consist of two colors blended together to create one solid color. For example, color M4/30 is a combination of color #4 and color #30.

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Ombre - Balayage - Rooted

Ombre (T)

A hair color technique where all the ends are going be affected and the transition from the deeper roots and light ends is going to be pretty short. The definition for Ombre is the French word for "color that is shaded or graduated in tone". Generally consists of 2-3 color tones.

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A technique where hair color is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect. Generally 2-3 colors are combined to create this look.

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Rooted (R)

A low-maintenance hair color technique in which a darker shade is applied directly to the roots giving a soft, seamless contrast. It's a great way to refresh your look and give your hair color depth and dimension.

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