What are the differences between machine tied and hand tied wefts?

There are so many different hair extension wefts that it gets SO confusing trying to distinguish between the many available. We only carry Bohyme in our inventory because each of their collections tailor to different needs, and we don't all have the same type of hair!

For this post we really wanted to lay out the differences between the Bohyme's Hand Tied, Genius Weft, Seamless Weft, and their Machine Tied. Their are different perks to the four categories, but they all maintain the high quality Remi® standard that you're looking for. 

What's so special about Bohyme's Hand Tied Wefts?

  • The Hand Tied collection comes in the largest variety of colors, including ashy tones, highlights, balayage, and rooted, allowing easy color matching and seamless blending.
  • They come in 5 different styles: Silky Straight, Body Wave, Ocean Breeze, French Refined, and Deep Wave, catering to straight, wavy, and curly hair types.
  • They come in lengths from 14"-24"  (selected styles)
  • These wefts should NOT BE CUT! We offer other wefts (Genius and M-Tied) where you can cut from anywhere
  • The Hand Tied wefts are one of the thinnest, but strongest on the market.
  • Hair Thickness from root-to-tip:
    • Classic Collection- 3.5:5
    • Luxe Collection- 4.4:5
    • Private Reserve Collection- 5:5
    • Ethos Collection- 4.5-5
  • Amount of bundles per pack:
    • 14"= 10 bundles
    • 18"= 8 bundles
    • 22"= 6 bundles
    • 24"= 6 bundles
  • Weight: Approximately 110-114 grams (4oz)

Now for the Genius Weft! The Genius weft is comparable in size to the Hand Tied weft but is designed to give you more customizable options.

  • The most important feature being that you can cut the Genius Weft, ANYWHERE, and you don't need to worry about bulky edges.
  • This weft is flexible!
  • Available in 18 colors
  • Allows layering
  • Can be mixed with Hand Tied Wefts
  • Compatible with various installation methods
  • This weft is thin but very strong, durable, and made with machines with extra security to avoid any shedding.
  • This weft comes in lengths: 
    • 14" 16" and 18" in Silky Straight
  • Hair thickness from root-to-tip is 4.4:5
  • There is one weft per pack, and the length of the weft is about 25"
  • Weight (Grams):
    • 14" ~70g
    • 16" ~80g
    • 18" ~88g

Moving onto the Seamless Weft which is one of the most flat wefts offered. It's a little taller than other flat wefts but it increases strength and durability. This collection is also compatible with various installation methods and available in both Silky Straight and Body Wave.

  • When compared to traditional machine tied wefts, the seamless is about 40% thinner.
  • This weft can be CUT ANYWHERE, allowing for endless customizable options.
  • The Seamless weft does not have any fold over (return) hair so it's perfect for clients with a more sensitive scalp
  • Hair thickness from root-to-tip is 4.5:5
  • It comes with 1 weft per pack and the length of weft is dependent on the length of hair:
    • 14" ~ 88" weft
    • 18"~ 62" weft
    • 22"~ 62" weft
  • The weight in grams is about 110-114g.

And last but not least, the classic Machine Tied Weft.

  • We carry Machine Tied wefts that are 30% thinner and more flexible than the industry standard.
  • Has about an inch of folded over hair
  • Can be cut to custom size.
  • Available in 16 different textures and the largest variety of colors and color blends (over 60 total)
  • Hair thickness from root-to-tip:
    • Birth Remi Collection- 3.5:5
    • Classic Collection- 3.5:5
    • Luxe Collection- 4.4:5
  • 1 weft per pack and the length of weft is about 70-80" depending on the length of hair.
  • Weight (grams) 110-114g.
  • Compatible with various installation methods.
  • Available in the following textures/styles:
    •  Silky Straight
    • Mink Yaki
    • Platinum Yaki
    • Velvet Yaki
    • Natural Body
    • Body Wave
    • Ocean Breeze
    • Egyptian Wave
    • Soft Wave
    • French Body 
    • Natural Curl
    • Loose Wave
    • Deep Wave
    • French Refined
    • Brazilian Wave
    • Tight Curl

Phewww that was a lot covered, am I right? And for those who are wondering how Machine and Hand Tied wefts are made:

Machine-Tied Wefts

Loose hair is fed through a machine and sewn together, creating a track. Machine-tied wefts are usually thicker and a little bulkier than hand-tied wefts, but are sturdier and can handle many different types of installation methods. They are packaged as one long weft and designed to be cut with minimal shedding into the desired lengths needed for the install.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hair is individually hand-tied onto a hand-sewn weft by an experienced technician. This attention to detail ensures that hair is more strongly secured and does not shed, making the hair extensions last longer. They are also thinner, flatter, and more flexible than machine-tied wefts, allowing the hair extensions to lay closer to the scalp and provide a more natural look and feel.

In addition, it is recommended that hand-tied wefts are not cut to any desired length like machine-tied wefts. Doing so will cause the weft to unravel and cause shedding. Hand-tied wefts are typically already packaged into smaller widths to remedy this drawback, and be installed accordingly. 


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