Keep Your Thin Weft Options Open!

Hand Tied hair has a stellar reputation for always being the thinnest, flattest, most invisible weft. But, Bohyme has multiple weft options that are almost as invisible. We can't believe they're not hand tied! Keep your options open & check out the Bohyme Ethos Unlimited Seamless Weft, Ethos M-Tied & Luxe Genius Weft.
ALL 3 Are Flat, Flexible & Can Be Cut Anywhere!
    Learn more about these wefts below and make sure to check out our helpful comparison chart by scrolling down to the bottom!


    Bohyme Ethos Unlimited Seamless Weft
    Bohyme's newest weft, Ethos® Unlimited, is very flexible, flat & smooth, while providing beautiful length & volume. You can cut this weft anywhere for unlimited customization & it's compatible with various installation methods. No folded over hair means your clients with sensitive scalps won't experience irritation. Compared to a Hand Tied weft, Ethos Unlimited has slightly more hair density.
    • Designed with the highest quality 100% Remi® hair ethically sourced from China, just like the rest of the luxurious Bohyme Ethos collection.
    • Texture: Silky Straight

    • Lengths: 18", 22"

    • Colors Available: 33 Ethos collection colors, including exclusive ashy & platinum tones


    Bohyme Ethos M-Tied Weft

    Extremely flat and highly flexible, M-Tied is created by machines with the look and soft feel of hand tied hair. Durable and strong, Bohyme M-Tied can be cut anywhere for easy customization. If you already have a preferred installation technique for hand tied hair, you can use the same method on M-Tied. Once you feel this weft, you won't be able to believe that it's technically machine tied. An M-Tied weft has a similar hair density as a Bohyme hand tied weft, so it’s perfect for color blending. While typical machine tied wefts can be too thick to layer, M-Tied is flat enough to layer without adding any bulkiness.

    • Created with the highest quality 100% Remi® hair ethically sourced from China
    • Texture: Silky Straight

    • Length: 18"

    • Colors Available: 19 Ethos® collection colors, exclusive ashy & platinum tones included


    Bohyme Luxe Genius Weft

    Part of the super popular Bohyme Luxe collection, Genius Weft is virtually invisible and undetectable. Flat, flexible and light, this weft can be cut anywhere. There's no return hair, so there's no scalp irritation. Think of Genius Weft as a hand tied weft you can cut! Genius Weft is also more dense than a hand tied weft, so it’s ideal if adding thickness is your #1 priority.

    • Designed with 100% premium Remi® human hair, with cuticles intact and equally aligned
    • Texture: Silky Straight

    • Lengths: 14", 16", 18"

    • Colors Available: 18 of Bohyme's most popular, gorgeous colors

    Need a quick comparison? Check out our weft chart!

    While we’ve highlighted some stand-out features, all three of these wefts add gorgeous volume & length to any style!

    Which weft are you most likely to use on your clients? Why? Tell us in the comments!

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