Private Reserve Hand Tied Weft Now in 26" Length!

Bohyme already offers the thickest hair available with its Private Reserve collection & now the thickest hair is offered in the longest length - 26"!

This is the FIRST time Bohyme has EVER offered any Hand Tied hair in 26"!

And it's all because they listened to their global network of stylists asking for longer and longer hair. But, creating extra-long hair can result in wispy, thin ends as you might have already seen from other brands. That definitely is not the case with Bohyme Private Reserve. This hair has a 5:5 thickness, meaning the root is just as thick as the tip. In fact, each and every strand is consistently thick all the way through. It's literally the thickest hair on the market.

The best way to describe Private Reserve hair is LUSCIOUS! The pure, natural colors are not only gorgeous, but easy to mix & blend for creating custom shades.

The new Hand Tied 26" length comes in Silky Straight & 13 gorgeous shades. You get 6 bundles in every pack. 
All the colors available in 26” from left to right- Solids: 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8A, BL22, BL613; Highlights: H18/BL22, HBL18/BL613 & Rooted: R8A/8A/BL22
And to make this new arrival even sweeter, Bohyme is also offering Private Reserve Hand Tied Silky Straight 24" in 22 MORE COLORS! Why? Because that's what stylists & clients have been requesting. Bohyme just loves making hair dreams come true!  And, just like the 26" length, you get 6 bundles in each pack of 24".
Check out the new shades! So much beauty from solids...

 to highlights!

 All Private Reserve shades have a 5:5 Purity Rating and are created by soaking the hair in a color bath for 35 days. This gentle bath is hand-crafted using pH balanced formulations, eco-friendly ingredients, essential nutrients and exact temperatures to ensure color expertly penetrates each strand. This arduous and time-consuming process is crucial to help prevent fading and maintains the hair’s natural oils and essentials nutrients.

As always, we recommend using a Private Reserve color ring to get the most accurate color match. You can get one here! A color ring is so useful in the salon and is really a tool that once you have one, you won't know why you didn't get one sooner!


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