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Bohyme Private Reserve: Thickest Hair, Purest Colors!

Private Reserve is a high-end collection best-known and super popular because it offers consistent thickness…all the way from root to tip! So thick, luscious and luxurious! And you can feel the health and vitality whenever you run your fingers through these extensions. It really is an experience you'll never forget!

Bohyme Collection Comparison

And the pure, natural and gorgeous colors are not only stunning, but easy to mix & blend for creating custom shades. There are currently 34 shades available…and there’s always room for more! Colors in this collection are reminiscent of the original Luxe colors. (Another super popular Bohyme collection!)


(In fact, the entire Private Reserve collection was created by taking Bohyme back to its roots, all the way to 1978 to find the perfect formula for producing the healthiest, fullest hair possible.)

All Private Reserve shades have a 5:5 Color Purity rating and are created by a 35-day soak in a totally unique Bohyme color bath. This gentle bath is hand-crafted using pH balanced formulations, eco-friendly ingredients, essential nutrients and exact temperatures to ensure color expertly penetrates each strand. This arduous and time-consuming process is crucial to help prevent fading and maintains the hair’s natural oils and essentials nutrients.

While there’s many features to consider when choosing extensions, the perfect hair color can make all the difference! The perfect shade doesn’t just change a look, but an attitude! Whether you love lighter tones, darker shades or any color in between, when you rock your ideal hair color, your confidence gets an extra boost.

Check out some of the beautiful hues in the Bohyme Private Reserve collection!

Keep your sunglasses on around these bright, beautiful blondes. Bohyme’s most popular blonde shades, BL22, BL60 & BL613, & many more, including Highlighted & Rooted colors are offered in Private Reserve. You can definitely find your ideal blonde shade here!

Private Reserve offers a beautiful range of dark & brunette colors, including the best-selling 1, 1B, 2 & 4! So rich & deep, like a creamy chocolate or rich velvet.

For a spicier vibe, check out these Private Reserve reds. Deep burgundy to a feisty copper…you’ll only find fiery beauty here!

Private Reserve comes in 3 styles:

Silky Straight in 14", 18", 22" & 24" lengths

Body Wave in 14", 18" & 22" lengths

Ocean Breeze in 18"

For the most accurate color matching, we always recommend using a Private Reserve Color Ring.

And the best part, the Bohyme Private Reserve Collection is available to ALL hair professionals!

What’s your favorite Private Reserve color? Tell us in the comments!

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