Machine Tied Wefts Are Always in Style

Many stylists & their clients are obsessed with Hand Tied hair extensions (we LOVE them, too!), but Machine Tied Wefts are timeless classics that have been super popular for as long as we can remember. In other words, Machine Tied hair extensions are always in style and they're not going away anytime soon. So, let us tell you what makes them one of our best-selling wefts!  

Bohyme’s Machine Tied Extensions Are Not Like The Rest!

They’re 30% thinner than the industry standard. Each weft is only 1.62mm thick & 3.30mm high. That's really thin (in a good way) for a machine tied weft.

Since they're less bulky, they're more comfortable to wear & easier to layer. You can add thickness & create beautiful color blends for all hair types. 

But, just because they’re thin doesn’t mean they’re not strong & durable. Bohyme Machine Tied wefts have lasting power.

Need to customize? No problem! These wefts can be cut anywhere without unraveling.

 Bohyme Machine Tied wefts come in a wide variety of textures & colors for seamless blends & a natural look. Choose from popular Silky Straight, Body Wave, Brazilian Wave & French Refined and a lot, lot more. Check out all the textures available in our Texture Guide. You can more accurately & easily match your clients’ natural hair with so many options.

Machine Tied Wefts are compatible with various installations methods, including sew-in, micro beads, micro beads and clips. This ensures you can fully consider the needs of your clients even better when installing extensions.

How Are Bohyme Machine Tied Wefts Made?

These durable wefts are created using bulk or loose hair that is fed through a triple-head sewing machine. Hair is folded and sewn at the root, adding a reinforced stitch to ensure durability and prevent shedding. Then, two individual wefts are merged together. This technique allows for the creation of exceptional back-to-back color blends & an incredibly strong and flexible double-sided weft.

Bohyme Machine Tied wefts are available in lengths from 10” to 26” & a wide range of styles! There's too many to list! Check out all the textures, from Silky Straight to Tight Curl & everything in between in the Bohyme Texture Guide.

What do you like best about Machine Tied wefts? Tell us in the comments! We'd love to know!

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