Show Off Your Roots

“I Can See Your Roots”

 “Thank You!”

Show off your personal style, roots and all! Whether you want to create an easier blend with lived-in color or crave a cool, rocker chic look, rooted shades are your go-to BFF!

Bohyme offers rooted hair extensions in a variety of extensions types, from hand tied and machine tied wefts to tape ins, clip ins, halos & I tips. These colors are so perfect for changing up your hairstyle without hair dye for a low-maintenance, natural look that easily hides & blends your roots as they grow out.


Rooted hair extensions are darker at the top (about 2-3 inches) and transition smoothly into a lighter shade. With the support and input from hair professionals worldwide, Bohyme offers a beautiful range of colors, so you can find your perfect match! These 3 rooted shades are offered in many Bohyme collections.

Bohyme only uses high-grade hair and creates these gorgeous colors through a gentle, methodical process. The fruit-based dyes penetrate the healthy, intact cuticles for long-lasting, pure colors

The high-end and eco-conscious Bohyme Ethos collection offers rooted shades, too. With this collection’s 40-day extended color bath, colors are more ashy and cooler. 


Explore all Bohyme colors with the Bohyme Color Guide & Ethos Collection Color Guide!

Ready to wear a rooted shade? Let us know which color you’re going to rock next!

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