Hair Extensions Care: What You Need to Know

Extensions are a gorgeous investment that give you wash-and-go beauty day after day. That's why giving them the TLC they deserve should be a high priority. At-home maintenance is super important to keeping your hair healthy & your whole look stunning. A few minutes of proper care a day can help you avoid issues in the future. We've compiled the most need-to-know info in this guide to help you extend the life of your extensions. With these tips and your stylist's advice, your hair will be looking beautiful for a long time!


  • Inspect your extensions carefully
  • If you notice any issues, contact the seller
  • Don't install or alter hair in any way before any issues are resolved

It's super important to take a really close look at your new hair extensions. We offer only the highest quality of hair, but if any concerns pop up, this is when you should contact the distributor/retailer from which you purchased the product. Don't install hair that may have issues and don't alter the hair in any way before your inspection and/or resolving any concerns with the seller.


  • Brush regularly & gently without pulling the hair
  • Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb
  • Brush in sections all the way up to the attachment area
  • Avoid brushing beads/bonds directly

Gentle, regular brushing with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb is the best way to avoid tangles, extra shedding & matting near your scalp. Brush hair in sections to make sure you reach all the way up to the roots, but don't make contact with any beads, tape or bonds. Snagging these can cause damage to your natural hair. Brushing should always be done gently, avoiding any hair pulling or snapping.


  • Go as long as you can between washes, at least 2-3 days, if possible
  • Use natural shampoos & avoid shampoo detergent chemicals, such as methylparaben, propylparaben & any other -paraben ingredients
  • Wash gently, avoiding scratching or rough lathering

Wash hair every 2-3 days or wait even longer. The more time between washes, the longer your hair will last! Many shampoos are made with detergent chemicals that strip away the hair's natural oils, causing dryness & weak hair. We suggest using only natural shampoos and/or paraben-free & sulfate-free products. Check shampoos labels for methylparaben, propylparaben & any -paraben ingredients. If you see any of these, choose a different shampoo. These chemicals are synonymous with preservatives and tend to dry out your hair.  

While washing, do not scratch or roughly lather your hair as this causes friction with the hair and scalp. If your hair is on the drier side, apply & gently lather shampoo at the roots, while letting any runoff slide down to the ends. This may be the only shampooing you need.

Check out this helpful video on how to wash extensions from hair extensions expert stylist & Bohyme Insider Ashley Pollard!


Our Absolute Fave Hair Care

We can't recommend Bohyme Remi® Revitalize Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner enough!

Remi Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner

A revitalizing blend of natural oils, Bohyme Remi Revitalize is the best hair care products to extend the longevity of your hair.

Remi® Revitalize is a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo that moisturizes and protects hair extensions. Each bottle contains Marula and Argan oils that help preserve the health of the hair, while maintaining its shine.

Each ingredient is beneficial in its own way, but they work so beautifully well together to revitalize your hair. Check out these ingredients below.


Remi Revitalize Ingredients


  • Avoid blow drying & high heat settings
  • Dry with soft cloths/towels
  • Pat dry or air dry
  • Never go to bed with your hair extensions wet

Soft cloths & towels are your drying BFFs. You definitely can't go wrong with this Bohyme Microfiber Towel. Stay away from hot blow dryers and gently pat your hair dry without pulling or vigorously running your hands through the towel. A light touch helps keep installation bonds secure & hair from being pulled out.

If you shower at night, do not go to bed with your hair wet no matter how tired you are. You'll thank yourself in the morning when you wake up with tangle-free hair.

Say Yes to these Hair Care Products

  • Sulfate & paraben-free shampoos
  • All-natural, alcohol-free hair care products
  • Products specifically formulated for dry, damaged hair
  • Almond, coconut & Argan oils
  • Heat protectant sprays
  • Serums & leave-in conditioners/treatments

Only wash human hair extensions with sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoos, like Bohyme Remi Revitalize, specifically on the roots. Choose hair products that are all natural and stay away from any that contain alcohol. Products made with alcohol cause hair to dry out and become brittle.

When selecting products for your hair extensions, we recommend choosing high quality products specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair, as they help keep strands healthy and nourished. Heat protectant sprays, serums and any other leave-in conditioners or treatments are also highly beneficial to prolonging the life of your hair extensions.

Just Say No To:

  • Dyes
  • Toner
  • Bleach
  • Perm
  • Keratin
  • Straightening solutions
  • Dry shampoos

Styling Tips

  • Moisturize your ends as needed with leave-in conditioner/treatment, almond or coconut oil
  • For finishing styles & taming frizz, choose Argan oil
  • Apply moisturizing products mid-length to ends, avoiding contact with bond areas

The oils of your natural hair will not reach the tips of your extensions. Use a leave-in conditioner, coconut oil or almond oil to keep extensions from getting dried out. Apply a generous amount at the ends and move up towards the lengths. If you're wearing hand tied extensions, massage the product into the roots. But, AVOID the roots if you have tape-in or keratin hair extensions because it can damage the bonds. Finish styles & tame frizz with Argan oil.

Heat Tools

  • Yes, you can style hair extensions with heat tools
  • Avoid high heat settings
  • Apply heat protectant spray on hair before using heat tools
  • Do not apply direct heat to installation areas, beads, tape and/or bonds

We only offer hair extensions that are made from high-quality 100% Remi® human hair, so you can use heat tools to create any style you want. But, keep in mind the more you style with heat tools, the more wear you'll be putting on your hair. So, apply heat protectant spray before working with heated tools, including blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons & wave makers. Use the lowest heat setting possible to prolong the life of the hair. Make sure to avoid applying direct heat to the installation areas, including any beads, tape or bonds, to keep attachments secure & preserve your hair.

Maintaining Waves

  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair in the shower
  • Let hair air dry while loosely wrapped around silk or satin scarves
  • Sleep with hair in scarf or loose braids
  • Avoid blow drying entirely, if possible
  • Use a deep waver to refresh waves

You wanted those dreamy waves, so you bought 'em. Now, here's how to keep those waves flowing.

Detangle In The Shower

Before you even step out of the shower, detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb while it's wet and make sure the extensions are in alignment with the cuticle. Reduce stress at the nape of the neck by massaging the weft. This helps prevent matting & weft damage. Brushing/combing curls when they're still wet also reduces frizz & shedding.

Air Dry Your Extensions

Air drying & avoiding heat whenever possible is super important to keep curls and waves at their healthiest. Excessive heat can lead to dryness, dullness & waves loosing their shape.

Stockpile Silk/Satin Scarves

Wrap your waves around silk or satin scarves to preserve the wavy pattern & help speed up your air drying time. Scarf braids are super simple to do, check out this video to learn how.

Sleeping with Waves

Sleep in scarf braids or a loose braid. Either technique will keep your waves looking wavy. When you wake up, remove the scarf or undo the braid and you & your gorgeous rippling waves will be ready for the day.

If Blow Drying is a Must

When you absolutely have to blow dry, keep hair in the same direction as its cuticle. This means don't flip your head over and dry your hair upside down. Blow dry at the lowest temperature setting possible & never go over 350°F.

Use A Deep Waver

If you need to refresh your waves on day 2 or 3, ditch the wands and curling irons. Instead, try a Deep Waver. Place your hair between two plates, clamp down and hold for a few seconds. This gives your hair a wave pattern. The best part is that you hold the deep waver horizontally, so you don't pull or tug at your weft.

Summer Maintenance 

  • Wear a hat, bandana or other head covering to reduce color fading & dryness
  • Defend your strands from ultraviolet rays with a UVA/UVB hair protectant
  • Boost moisture with serums
  • Take a vacation from heat tools
  • Keep sunscreen out of your hair

Protect Against The Elements

When out in the sun or on the beach, use a sun hat or bandana to protect your strands and scalp from the elements. Furthermore, this will prevent the sun from drying out your extensions and causing color fade. Wearing hats also keeps sand and nature particles from penetrating into the attachments of your extensions.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays aren't so great for your skin or your hair extensions. Apply a UVA/UVB hair protectant to your hair before heading out into the sun. Reapply the product throughout the day if you're spending hours outside, especially before and after getting into the water.

Stay Hydrated

All that hot summer sun can make your hair extensions drier. Use serums to boost moisture, just avoid applying it near the wefts, bonds or tapes to help prevent slippage. Start applying serum near the ends and move upwards for the best results. Double check the ingredients in your serums. Many contain salts and alcohol that in the hot summer sun will only make your hair drier and brittle.

Take a Break from the Heat

Hot weather means giving heat tools and styling a rest. The heat of summer is taxing enough on your locks. Instead, try heatless curls for added waviness or wrap your hair in  silk scarves for cute, colorful style.

Beware of Body Lotions & Suncscreens

Avoid lotion, including sunscreen, near extensions. They can damage the tape and bonds that keep extensions secure. Wash your hands after applying to avoid accidentally leaving any residue in your hair.

Sunscreen is a summer must! But, it's not so compatible with hair extensions, especially the blonde ones. Make sure to use a sunscreen that does NOT contain avobenzone. This ingredient can stain extensions and turn them a peachy-pink color (not in a good way) that's almost impossible to reverse.


  • Yes, you can swim with extensions, just take proper before/after care
  • Sea water & pools should be casual friends, not BFFs
  • Wet hair & apply conditioner before going in the water
  • Wear a swim cap, especially if you swim on a regular basis
  • Wash, condition & detangle hair as soon as you exit the water
  • Apply leave-in conditioner & let hair air dry
  • When sitting in the sun, cover your hair with a hat, bandana or other head covering

To be clear, you can go swimming with extensions. We don't recommend going in sea water or swimming pools, but sometimes it's just too hot to resist. Swimming with extensions requires care before going in the water and after you get out. Try to keep your hair above water whenever possible.

Before You Swim

Create a barrier against chlorine & salt water by wetting your hair with fresh, clean water & applying conditioner 2"/5cm down from the attachment to the ends of the hair. This also helps stop your hair from soaking up sunscreen or other face & body lotions.

Are you a regular swimmer? If so, you should definitely wear a swim cap. Follow the same steps as above & braid your hair before putting on your cap.

After You Swim

Gently brush hair section by section to remove any tangles, then shampoo & condition as soon as possible. Use a cleansing shampoo to remove any chlorine, salt water, environmental or chemical buildup. Then, air dry as usual. 


  • Satin pillowcases for less tangling
  • Loosely braid hair and wear a satin/silk scarf
  • Style waves with a curling iron before going to bed
  • Never sleep with wet hair
  • Never let your hair dry without brushing
  • Remove temporary/removable extensions before bed

Want to wake up without tangles? Sleep on a satin pillow case. Before getting all cozy, braid your hair into one loose, large braid and wear a satin/silk scarf or bonnet to prevent the hair from getting caught on the fabric. Your hair will remain in the best condition and you won't wake up with frizz. To keep your bouncy waves for the following morning, you can style with a variety of curling rods before going to bed. Never sleep with wet hair and never let it dry without brushing. To extend the lifespan of temporary extensions, remove & brush them before storing for the night.

For even more tips visit our Hair Care Guide

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