Clip Ins or Halos? What's Best for You?

Both Bohyme Clip Ins and Halos are quick and simple to install, adding length, volume and/or highlights in minutes! These temporary hair extensions are designed to be installed and removed the same day, so they're perfect for adding a special touch to any occasion or to experiment with your style without committing to a look. The best part is you can apply both extensions at home, so last-minute hair changes aren't anything you can't handle.

To help you decide between Clip Ins or a Halo, think about your lifestyle & use this comparison chart.

Perfect for adding length, volume or a pop of color for any occasion, Bohyme Essential 7-Piece Clip Ins transform your hair in minutes. These reusable hair extensions won't damage your natural hair and are easily adjustable to style updos and down-dos. Smaller pieces can fill up smaller areas for natural-looking volume. Clip Ins are easy to blend with your natural hair, just attach the wefts at different heights to create natural looking layers. You can apply these extensions yourself, but we always recommend using a stylist to help you with weft placement and blending! Each weft is separately secured with no-slip, no-damage clips that feature a unique, protective silicone strip.

Essential 7-Piece Clip Ins are available in Silky Straight 14”, 18” & 22” and Body Wave 18”. Silky Straight comes in 26 shades, while Body Wave is offered in 20 shades.

Get gorgeous, voluminous and longer hair on demand with a Bohyme Essential Halo. Just one weft gives you a beautiful look. Perfect for on the go, a halo is ultra easy and fast to apply. These Halo extensions have a thin, undetectable wire that's attached to the base and sits on the crown of the head. With small clips attached at the nape, luscious locks are delivered with unbelievable comfort. Made with 100% Remi human hair, Bohyme Halos can be washed and styled just like your natural hair. And they're also reusable.

Halo V1 and Halo V2 are available in Silky Straight 14” & 18”. Halo V1 comes in 19 shades, while Halo V2 is offered in 14 shades.

Let us know in the comments if you prefer Clip Ins or Halos and Why?

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