Braiding with Hair Extensions

Extension maintenance is a commitment and not only are braids a great accessory but they marry well with hair extension maintenance, especially when sleeping! Here are some things to know so you can create a beautiful braid with Bohyme Remi hair extensions.

First things first.

Keep in mind that coarser Bohyme hair extensions will be easier to work with and can hold the braid longer. 

Wash and Deep Condition Your Hair

Proper preparation is crucial if you’re going to fashion a braid you truly love. Start with washing and deep conditioning your own hair prior to braiding. Remember: You won’t be able to give your hair the regular conditioning it needs to stay healthy for several weeks while it’s braided, so deep conditioning in advance is important. Your hair extensions will come with instructions on how to best shampoo and condition them, so follow those instructions accordingly. As the hair dries, separate the extensions into 1-inch thick bundles. You can blow dry your hair if you like but use a heat-protecting serum in advance so that your natural hair is as healthy as possible. 

Prepare Your Hair

Before braiding, part your hair into three or four sections by starting with the hair from ear to ear, and then proceeding in the direction from forehead to crown or forehead to the nape of the neck. Then - so that you can avoid tangling - start at the nape and begin braiding by dividing the locks into sections that are between 1/4 inch to 1 inch wide. These will be where the extensions are to be attached, so you’ll need to consider the size of the braid you want so you can get it right the first time. 

Attaching the Extensions

Pinch off the matching size of hair extensions and with one braid at a time, assemble your extensions for braiding. To ensure the best look possible, you’ll want the thickness of the extensions and the thickness of your own locks to match as closely as you can. At the top of each extension, fold it so that it resembles a hook you’d see on a candy cane at about 3 inches in length. Pull the hook over the top of the natural hair you’re braiding, holding the hair taut and close to your scalp. Keeping your hair taut, cross your natural hair over the 3-inch length of extensions, then cross the longer end of the extensions over the 3-inch end. Keep crisscrossing in this fashion until all of your natural hair is interwoven with the extensions. 

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