Partnering With Bohyme By Donating 1% Of All July Sales To A Country In Crisis

Help Change Lives with Every Purchase

The nation of Sri Lanka is in a state of emergency with skyrocketing inflation and food, water, fuel and medicine all in short supply. But, it's during these difficult times that we must help each other even more. While we all face hardships, we know that there are so many others in need of support. And Simply Hair Co. is ready to help.

That's why for the rest of July, we're partnering with Bohyme and donating 1% of the proceeds from all Bohyme sales to Palmera to support their efforts in Sri Lanka.

With more help, Palmera can reach an additional 400 families by setting up home gardens. By growing their own food, families can feed themselves and share any extra with their community. Families are set up for long-term food security.

Just $50 supports at-risk families who will most benefit from the support of:

  • Seeds and other materials to establish the right vegetables for the land and water available

  • Home gardening training, including use of wastewater

  • Mentoring and additional training for 6 months

  • Monitoring and support for 12 months

Why Does Sri Lanka Need Our Help?

This nation is enduring an economic crisis. Skyrocketing inflation, weak government finances, poorly planned tax cuts and COVID-19 putting a big stop to tourism are all contributing factors. Sri Lanka is on the devastating path towards bankruptcy. The entire nation is experiencing shortages of food, fuel, power, water and medicine. Riots, curfews and military presence have returned, while the price of basic goods continues to rise. The most vulnerable families are at greater risk than ever before.

Help is needed now. There's no time to wait for a government solution or international relief efforts.

About Palmera

Palmera is an Australian-based charity that has the highest accreditation with the Australian government. The organization operates with a mission to accelerate the path to a living income so families can stand on their own feet. They work to ensure vulnerable families are economically empowered, so they can prosper and better care for themselves and their children.

You can learn more about this organization, make a donation without purchasing hair extensions and find other ways to help here.