Say YES! to 26" Hair

Long hair is always in style! And while we love those cute, modern short hair looks, we also love luxurious length. Longer doesn't always mean better, but we can't help but notice extra-long length whenever it passes us by!  Maybe it's time for you to experience the power of 26" hair!
Before and After transformation with 26" hair extensions
Bohyme 26" hair extensions might be perfect for you if:
  • You firmly believe that longer is better
  • You LOVE a dramatic look that grabs attention
  • You need a little something more to perfect your hair flip
  • You want to create a super gorgeous look for a special occasion or event
  • You just finally want to have the hair of your luxurious dreams & maybe cement your status as an iconic IG personality

Any of this sound like you? Then, you're ready to go to 26" and Bohyme gives you options!

 Bohyme Private Reserve Hand Tied 26"
After listening to stylists' requests for longer and longer hair, Bohyme created their Private Reserve 26" Hand Tied hair extensions. And just like the rest of the Private Reserve collection, it's super thick all the way from root to tip. No wispy ends here! It comes in Silky Straight and 13 gorgeous, pure colors that are easy to mix and blend to create custom shades.
Bohyme Essential Clip Ins
Bohyme Essential 7-Piece Silky Straight Clip Ins are easy to install and transform hair with incredible volume & length instantly. With 7 pieces, you can fill in smaller areas and add extra hair wherever needed. And because they're Clip Ins, they can be worn every day for 26” of lusciousness or just for a special occasion. You can create a good hair day whenever you want.
Bohyme Essential Tape Ins Silky Straight and Body Wave
Available in Silky Straight & Body Wave, these Tape Ins make it simple to try a new look without too much of a commitment. Add color, length and volume to create beautiful braids or down dos. Professional-grade adhesives give you good hold. While we recommend having a hair professional install the tape ins, they can be applied & removed at home. Bohyme Essential Tape Ins won't damage natural hair and they can be removed with Adhesive Release & reused by replacing the tape.
Bohyme Ethos Seamless Tape Ins
Ethos Seamless Tape Ins are the MOST discreet tape ins. No one will ever know you're wearing extensions & you'll barely notice them yourself. Of course, you might be so in love with this hair that you might just tell on yourself. Oops!
Hair is directly injected into each tape in’s polyurethane strip to look just like it’s growing from your scalp. The thin, skin-like material blends the hair and bond for an invisible appearance. These are the thickest tape ins available, plus they give you length and volume in minutes!
Wanna go even longer? Try Ethos Seamless Tape Ins in 32"!
Tell us why 26" is the perfect length for you in the comments!

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