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Hair Extensions, But Make Them Look Natural!

Such a popular request and it IS possible! Choosing the best texture is an important step on the way to making an incredible those-can't-be-extensions match. Bohyme offers 14 textures across all of its collections because even a slight variation can make a huge difference. And to really know a hair’s texture, you can't just look at it straight out of the package, you have to know what it looks like after it’s been washed and air dried.

That's why Bohyme with help from a thoroughly experienced extension specialist and inventor of the Tightline Method, Shaylie George Green decided to not just tell you the difference in texture, but show you! And we just had to share all the details with you!

So turn up the volume and watch this super helpful video from Bohyme as they show what each of their textures look like fresh out of the package and after it's been washed & air dried. 

Silky Straight

The straightest and smoothest texture of all, Silky Straight is soft as silk and requires minimal care to keep its beauty. It can be styled into curls or any other style.
After wash: No change, still smooth and straight

Yaki Straight

Fine, smooth, but slightly coarser than Silky Straight, Yaki Straight looks and feels like naturally relaxed hair. Just the right amount of texture gives the hair an airy touchable feel and flawless look.
After wash: More natural body

Texture Smooth

Texture Smooth texture
Offering great body and movement, Texture Smooth is straight and coarse with the luster of freshly relaxed hair. One of our most versatile styles, it's high on sheen, fullness and bounce.
After wash: Not too much of a difference, but a little more body

Platinum Yaki

Coarser than Yaki Straight, but still soft, this texture is ideal for a wide variety of clients. Blending easily with natural hair, it provides loads of volume and is perfect for braiding.
After wash: Texture is more visible

Saharian Smooth

Textured and full of body, Saharian Smooth is soft to the touch and easy to manage. This coarse style provides long-lasting volume and richness.
After wash: More wave and volume with curled ends

Brazilian Wave

Our coarsest style, the Brazilian Wave offers soft, natural curls that are extremely versatile and easy to manage, so you can straighten, curl and style however you like. When straightened, this wave looks like the Saharian Smooth style.
After wash: Deeper curl texture, curlier ends

Egyptian Wave

Think smooth texture with soft curls that break up into rippling waves. Slightly coarse, you can style this hair into long-lasting beach waves.
After wash: Wave intensified, more “S” curl, curly ends

Body Wave

As smooth as Silky Straight, our Body Wave is lightweight and bouncy, adding volume to your style. A loose "S" curl creates a soft, natural look that is ideal for sexy down-do's and modern, casual up-do's. Our Body Wave is very popular because its easily manageable and suitable for most hair types.
After wash: Only a slight wave, beachy look, more body than Silky Straight

Natural Wave

Beautiful, soft, dreamy. Wavy texture with lots of body and bounce. This relaxed hair gives you endless styling possibilities and is perfect for those who want natural body. Curl this hair for more depth and texture or straighten it for a sleek, edgy look.
After wash: More curly

Ocean Breeze

A smooth texture enhanced with strong sharp curls that break into rippling waves.  Slightly coarse, this hair can be easily styled into long-lasting beach waves. Similar to our Egyptian Wave, but with stronger curls.
After wash: More natural beachy wave, less of a uniform finger wave

French Body

Soft, deep waves that look and feel natural. Looser at the top, French Body is voluminous and wavy at the bottom.
After wash: More curl, “S” pattern a little more pronounced, smoother at the top with a curlier bottom

French Refined

A tousled, natural spiral curl texture that is also ideal for achieving soft, straight styles. French Refined is extremely versatile for those who like to change their look.
After wash: Curl pattern more pronounced from top of weft to bottom, great for those with natural curls

Deep Wave

These well-defined, spiral curls offer endless options to create and enhance texture. Deep Wave is easy to maintain and retains its curl pattern. Ideal for those who like a permed look.
After wash: Retains perm-like texture/pattern, more bounce, curls not quite as uniform for a more natural look
Discover all the Bohyme textures with this Texture Guide!
Any thoughts on the Bohyme textures? Were you surprised by any before and after reveals? Are there other textures that should be created? Let us know in the comments!

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