This Weft is Genius!

Q: What's Super Thin, Extra Flat, Ultra Light And Can Be Cut To Size?

A: Bohyme's Genius Weft!

Genius Weft is virtually invisible, can be cut for easy customization and is almost as thin as a Bohyme Hand Tied Weft. It's like Bohyme took all the benefits from its entire lineup of wefts and combined them into one product.

What Else Makes Genius Weft So Amazing?

Let us tell you...

1. Invisible weft technology makes it incredibly thin at only 0.78mm thick and 1.71mm tall (A Bohyme Hand Tied Weft is 0.76mm thick and 1.16mm tall)

2. Like all Bohyme extensions, it's made with the highest quality 100% virgin Remi® human hair

3. There's no return hair (or folded over hair) to irritate your scalp (This is a great option for those that have sensitive scalps.)

4. Since it's made with high-quality hair, Genius Weft can last up to 12 months and reused 3-4 times with proper care

5. Compatible with heated styling tools -- styling possibilities are endless!

6. Can be installed using various installation methods, so you can use your favorite method and/or change the method based on your client's needs

Genius Weft is available in Silky Straight in 14", 16" and 18" lengths and 18 gorgeous colors, including rooted & balayage shades. Check out Genius Weft here! 

Bohyme always creates products based on the needs of stylists. (Just one of the reasons we love them so much!) It's because of the feedback from stylists & their clients that their hair extensions keep improving. We're always looking forward to what they'll create next!

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